The Route to Power in Karate

In order to generate applied power effectively, the student must understand the various steps of progressive development, explained briefly below:

The student should have a good theoretical and practical knowledge of the Karate stances and techniques.

This is the means by which the student controls the actual body position of his or her body when it is both stationary and moving.

This is what enables the student to execute the various techniques with controlled balance in a given position.

The student can develop form by executing all the techniques with good position, balance and coordination.

This is where the student increases the rhythm of performance without any loss of form.

Power is the strengthening of the techniques.

Having successfully understood and developed all the above steps, the student will reach a stage, through constant repetition, whereby the techniques become a natural movement.

The student should not rush this learning process and should, as far as possible, establish and understand each individual movement