1st Kuwait International Tournamant

The Kuwait Committee of Kyokushin Karate derived from the Kuwait Olympic Committee held the 1st International Kyokushin Karate tournament on the 6-7 July 2012 in the Kuwait Judo and Taekwondo Federation.

We would like to thank all IFK teams (GB, Greek and Kuwait) for the support and team work in the 1st Kuwait International and the results were :

1st Daniel Marmarosi (Hungary)
2nd Thari Alonizi (Kuwait)
3rd Ali Abdulaziz (Kuwait)
3rd Furiz Karomatov (Tajikistan)

-65kg Cat
1st Darren Stringer (GB)
2nd Jassem Malik (Kuwait)
3rd Abdulaziz Saed (Bahrain)
3rd Mohammed Al Rifai (Syria)

-75kg Cat
1st Abdulrahman Abu Alhassan (Saudi Arabia)
2nd Suliman Al Suliman (Saudi Arabia)
3rd Ahmad Algathban (Kuwait)
3rd Mubarak Al Sager (Kuwait)

-85kg Cat
1st Salim Al Rashid (Kuwait)
2nd Mutal Nazarov (Uzbekistan)
3rd Essa Bo Al Qassem (Kuwait)
3rd Aiman Swidan (Syria)

+85kg Cat
1st Ferry Hoogeveen (Holland)
2nd Richard Lizak (Hungary)
3rd Hamad Mamdoh (Jordan)
3rd Masaaki Shimajiri (Japan)

The KFK would like to thank the British Kyokushinkai Karate represented in Shihan Alex Kerrigan, Shihan Nick Da Costa and Shihan David Pickthall given authority of Hanshi Steve Arneil for all the hard work and support.

Shihan Alex Kerreigan of BKK and the IFK Chief Referee for Knockdown held during his visit to IFK Kuwait hold a course on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July for the KFK which was an excellent experience in all standers.

For photos please visit: 1st Kuwait International Kyokushin Karate Tournament

For Videos please visit: KFK Youtube Channel

Finally we thank our KFK Fighters Salim Al Rashid, Jassem Malik and Talal Al-Manasser for taking part in this tournament and the high level of fighting skills and spirit which they had.

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