KFK 5th Camp Shihan with David 6th Dan

Kuwait 5th training camp with Shihan David Pickthall 6th Dan was an excellent all round camp.


The training camp included in total 65 members (Men, Woman and juniors) from different Kyokushin Kuwait organizations:

1- IFK (Kyokushin).
2- ShinkyokushinKai
3- Kyokushin-Kan.
4- Kyokushin Union.

The level of techniques, knowledge and spirit which Shihan David gave very generously resulting in this camp to be one of the most successful camps which included working on:

1- Kumite.
2- Kihon.
3- Kata
4- Self defense.

There was a visit from the Kuwait Committee of Kyoushin Karate derived from the olympic committee president Sensei Basel Al-Banay 3rd Dan who welcomed Shihan to Kuwait and express how much he was pleased with the level of training and organizing of the camp.

The KFK congratulates Senpai Bader Al-Beshir on being promoted to his 2nd Dan and we wish him the best in the future. We in the KFK thank the Kuwait Kuwait Committee of Kyoushin Karate in the 5th memory of founding the KFK on all it’s work and effort in developing and promoting Kyokushin in Kuwait based on unite in regardless of groups or organization.

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