KFK in the 7th All Kuwait Kyokushin Tournament

7th All Kuwait Kyokushin Tournament results came as following which was handed on to them by the Kuwait Committee members and Tournament guest from Japan Shihan Yasuhiro Shichinohe 8th dan Shihan Shigeru Tabata 8th dan:

Senior Woman:

1st Letefa Al-Shemmeri (KFK)
2nd Manal Al-Sherefi (KFK)
3rd Abeer Al-Sherefi (KFK)
3rd Mona Al-Sherefi (KFK)

Junior Girls:

1st Dana Al-Tatan (KFK)
2nd Ghader Al-Sherefi (KFK)
3rd Aysha Al-Sagobi (KFK)

Group “A” (Yellow to Black Belt):

1st Taleb Al-Sagobi (yellow belt) (KFK)

Group “B” (Red to Blue Belt):

1st Mohammad Al-Najar (KFK)
2nd Nasser Mandane (KFK)
3rd Mohammad Al-Attar (KFK)
3rd Pablo Ricardo Fabi Assayas (KFK)

We in the KFK Thank the Kuwait Committee of Kyokushin Karate for an excellent tournament which was well organized and we also thank KFK fighter Farah Al-Shemmeri who had and amazing fight which she win and demonstrated excellent fighting sprite.

KFK also would like Thank Senpai Bilal Khazla from the Shinkyokushin Kuwait, Coach Medi Sultan from the Kuwait Mauy Thai and Senpai Abrar Al-Fahad from Kuwait Taekwondo for their support in preparing the fighters for the fights and coaching them.

Last but not least Jassem Malak and Saleh Al-Najem our new KFK members who help in every aspect possible for those results to be achieved.

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