Kyokushin Holidays 2012 with Shihan Victor Fomin

On the 1st to 15th August 2012 in Turkey under direction of Shihan Victor Fomin there was held a special training course of Budo karate and Budo yoga which Senpai Ali Al-Manaseer from IFK Kuwait took part in.

The course was dedicated to learning traditional Kyokushin school, to mastering self-defense including weapons, special methods of training (with makiwara and natural objects) and also to meditative and breathing exercises.

3 moderate in conditional aspect training sessions were combined with active rest and communication of participants, with natural and archeological sightseeing.

There were 7 black belts from Moscow (sport clubs Bushido Mon and Lefortovo).

For photos please visit: Kyokushin Holidays 2012 with Shihan Victor Fomin

For videos please visit: KFK Youtube Channel

We in IFK Kuwait Thank Shihan Victor Fomin and all IFK Russia from the Bushido Mon dojo for the great event which was a great learning experiance of Budo Kyokushin Karate.

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