Kyokushin Kuwait Dinner & 3rd Dan Promotion

Kyokushin Kuwait held a Dinner with Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan after a successful training course which the Kuwait Committee of Kyokushin Karate derived from the Kuwait Olympic committee was invited represented in the president of the committee Sensei Basal Al-Banay and committee members Sensei Hassan Al-Kandari and Sensei Mobarak Al-Ajmai.

The KFK dinner also included Hanshi Hussain Suliman and Shihan Ala’a Saranek and Shihan Abdulah Hakem Al-Rufai who came to meet Hanshi Steve Arneil.

Hanshi Steve Arneil wished Kyokushin Kuwait the best of success in the future and wished for more cooperation between all groups and organizations to develop Kyokushin in Kuwait.

During the dinner Hanshi announced the promostion of IFK Country Representative Sensei Ali Al-Manaseer 3rd Dan promotion and wished him more success and development within the IFK Kyokushin family.

For photos please visit: Kyokushin Kuwait Dinner & 3rd Dan Promotion

Photo taken by: Fahad Al Bassam

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